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THE PREVIEWS GROUP INC. - Indeed, the entire Human race.

All Servants for God's sake. - Indeed, that is wonderful.


Previews Institute of Truth, an online college.

Together with, Previews Publishers,...

Lead the Way, for The Previews Group Inc.


We are in the business of Education.

Indeed, Education is Key, Experience is Wisdom.

And so we pass It on, to make the world a better place.


We have accomplished our mission, indeed, Heaven on Earth,

Better known as The State of Utopia, Full Bloom, yes,

The State of Happyism, the Object of Life with God.


Our Eternal Objective, now, is to maintain this State of being,

By Educating the New Born, about The Art of Life with God.

and The State of Utopia, Full Bloom, all understood by,

The age of Puberty, the result being, an Eternally Joy filled Life.

Amen, indeed, Amen.


Those older than the New Born, will understand or they will not.

When they understand, we say, we Love you.

When they do not understand, we say, we Forgive you.

You will get another chance to understand, Next Time Round.

And Enjoy Life to the Fullest.


Thanks for Listening, and remaining Yours truly,...

As ever in The Spirit of Goodness to come,...

Author,... The Spirit of Goodness,, Saint Bill, L.W. 

W.J. Bill Handel,...A Servant for God's sake.





Opportunity Knocks,... Utopia, Full Bloom.!!


Hello my Friend,... God says, we Love you, and, welcome to our world,...
yours, mine and ours,...
your world is beautiful, my world is marvelous,...Our world is Awesome,...
Our world is God's world, and God's world is Our world,...indeed, Awesome,...
God the creator, being super wise, set us all Free, to Think as we please, and
Do as we should,...and indeed, that is Awesome,...
We need your support, so please check our website, and give us your Feedback,... 
as ever in The Spirit of Goodness to come,...
Saint Bill, L.W. - W.J. Bill Handel, L.W. - Wilhelm J. Handel, A Servant for God's sake.