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Our Group of Companies.

1) The Previews Group Inc. 

2) Previews University of Truth

3) Previews Eternal Trust Foundation

4) Previews Institute of Learning

5) Previews Publishers (Utopia, L.W.)

6) Prophetic World Council of Temples.

7) Previews Institute of Truth. 


Dear Friends and Children of all ages:

Every Kitchen table in the world needs a Book of Life, a Book of Wisdom,

A Book of God, The Spirit of Goodness.

Why,... So that the children do not need to learn the Hard way.


The Old Books of Life were based on Dictatorship psychology, and we know that Dictators go insane, and resort to murder to try to Force their way, saying It is the only way.

Well, the world has learned there is another way, yes, the way of Democracy, indeed, God wants us to Live by way of Democracy. Indeed, Freedom in every way positive.

The New Book of Life is based on "True Democracy". It is known as:

"An Ounce of Prevention for All of Life's ills". etc. etc....


We, The Previews Group will give you a copy, "Free of Charge",

while we Trust you will make us One of your Favorite Charities.

What do you think.? Are you Ready.?

Let us hear from you,...


Thank you, waiting to hear, and remaining Yours truly,

The Previews Group, per: W.J. (Bill) Handel, L.W.

A Servant for God's sake.







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